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principal number-one is to keep the burden down on middle income taxpayers. >> how does mitt romney defined middle income? >> middle income is $250,000 and less. so number-one, do not raise taxes on middle-income people, lower them. >> his campaign clarified saying that he meant a household income of $250,000 and not an individual salary. but isn't that high to be considered middle-class? we asked economists from the berkeley school of business. >> i do not think that anyone thinks that to on the $50,000 would be something like an average or near the middle. because in fact, very few households, only a few percent earn incomes above $250,000. it has become a convenient number to use to tell us where, perhaps, high income begins. >> not even close in the bay
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area. u.s. census bureau says the median household income level and the nation is just a fraction at around $50,000 for 2011. in california the median is a little more than $53,000 and for the bay area is much higher than the national average at $76,000, still nowhere near the quarter of a million-dollar mark. $250,000 may sound arbitrary, governor mitt romney actually got the number from president obama. he started using $250,000 as the cutoff number between the middle class and wealthy when he was campaigning in 2008. >> with 53 days left before the election, there's really no room for mistakes and the latest cbs news poll shows that the president and mitt romney are statistically tied, 3 points apart with the president only slightly above the that is really the same as the margin of error so that is why they're considered to be tied. think about this, the election may feel far off because it is
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on november 6th, that is 53 days, but early voting begins here in 25 days and in some states early voting begins in as little as two weeks. >> every word will be dissected. it is torn to be fun for the next seven weeks. thank you for that. >> republicans are trying to deliver a huge blow to president obama clean energy dreams, they want to make the type of loan made to solyndra disappear. a bill passed by the house gop leaders aims to end the energy department's loan guarantee program. solyndra was able to get $500 million through that program before filing for bankruptcy. no more solyndra aft is not likely to be considered by the democrat-controlled senate. >> here is some good news if you own a home in the bay area, finally bay area home sales are surging in ways we have not seen in years. a research firm says that 8600 homes sold here last month.
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that is right, 8600 homes, that is the strongest august in six years, up 14% from the same time last year, median sales price $410,000, and that is 11 percent more than this time last year. to find out how many homes are being sold in your neighborhood, log onto, we have a link to that report. >> the gap needs more room so they're looking to move one of their divisions from its headquarters in san fransisco to the east bay. it is looking to set up shop in pleasanton. juliet good rich is here with a growing trend of companies going from urban, to suburban. >> a lot of people here, especially those in pleasanton and nearby areas, say " thank goodness ". because they can shave off their commutes' and that is what is happening, a lot of for lease signs and high-tech companies here are grabbing them. this quiet family town,
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population 71,000, now attracting a new mixed, a mix of high-tech, companies like gas, now scouting vacant office space like this in pleasanton, bringing 200 to 300 information technology employees to the east bay. >> just a tremendous business environments here with two different bart stations, a variety, almost 12 million square feet of office space in the city of pleasanton hosting a variety of industries. >> clorox recently moved several hundred employes to pleasanton and a high-tech 3 d imaging firm moved its headquarters to a 37,000 sq. ft. building, also in pleasanton. so what factors go into corporate moves? easy access to public transportation like art, cheaper leasing space, quality of life, and convenience to employees. mom and pop business is welcomed the addition hist. >> move, come, we're happy to have you.
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it brings in income and its people hired, and we really like that. >> and more job growth means more people adding to the local economy. >> as we saw supply and food and restaurants, in my mind there will be lunch breaks and grab and go meals so that will actually help us quite a bit. >> for those that have been a part of the community for decades, it is a positive sign of growth. >> i have lived here for 42 years and i have seen this town go from one stoplight, to at least over 100, now, you are close to everything and yet if you could work and live here in would be the ideal situation. >> so it is a trend, big companies moving to where their employees are but right now the gap has not officially said they're going to set up shop in pleasanton but city officials say ... >> as long as they stay in this country, how about that? thank you.
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>> it looked like a done deal but there could be a delay in appointing a new school superintendent in berkeley, the school board was planning to vote on that appointments of edmund he'd leave last week. critics now accuse him of supporting proposition 8, citing a memo that he issued while he was superintendent in san bernadino county. however a closer look at that memo reveals that he was asking for guidance on the issue of proposition 8, not necessarily stating any opinion. >> three years probation for a member of a silicon valley power family following a domestic violence incident. this is the 34 year-old mason meyer, the younger brother of the yacht was ceo. today he pled guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment. he was originally charged with three felonies after a 2011 altercation that left his girlfriend with a bloodied i and a swollen face. that woman spoke after the hearing. >> we just hope that by coming
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forward and going through this process, that his domestic violence counseling will deter him from this ever happening to anyone else. >> on hand to represent trent this morning, celebrity attorney gloria allred. who last surfaced during the florida cannibalism incidents. >> we saw you and we know exactly what you are doing, that reality check will soon be in the mail for people who crews east oakland looking for sex. joe vasquez shows us how the fight against prostitution is getting personal. >> you can see a small crowd gathering behind me at 17th and international, and some notable, the mayors here, the police chief, they're launching a new campaign to deal with the prostitution problem in the area, a campaign that will try to embarrass the customers, the so-called john's. >> every day i see teenagers being picked up by 50 year-old men. >> people in the east oakland
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neighborhood of san antonio say that had had enough. >> every day i see children having to walk past essentially naked women, on their way to school. i have no problem with embarrassing these guys, they should be embarrassed already. >> the embarrassment would happen when a suspected customer of a prostitute get something extra in the mail. >> this is the letter that it sent out. >> the letter is signed by the oakland police and will modify the owner of a car that their vehicle was spotted in an area known for prostitution. the letter makes no direct accusation of any criminal behavior. the letter campaign will focus on international boulevard in an area nicknamed the track, prostitution has run rampant here for years, the city recently achieved a victory by shutting down to old tiles that were suspected hotbeds for prostitution while some neighbors are celebrating that shut down, there are also lamenting the fact that more women appear to have been forced back onto the streets. now this new campaign encourages neighbors to write down license plates of people soliciting sex
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workers and then call them into the cops. >> this way it will not get anyone arrested but what happens is the letter goes to the home of the owner of that vehicle. and sometimes that can be pretty motivating. to me it is like drawing the women in, i do not know if your wife opens the mail or your mother, i think that will have an impact. >> the organizers and the police are trying to push this message here that they're not asking people to confront the johns or even be seen by them, but the advise them to simply write down their license plate and call it into police. >> thank you for that. >> other bay area have lines, traffic in san jose came to a stop this afternoon because of a suitcase. police called in the bomb squad after someone found a suspicious suitcase by a bus bench near capitol expressway. people in the area were asked to shelter in place, police are still on scene investigating. >> in the east bay this car
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crash knocked out power to parts of a word. chris was on campus drive near hyland boulevard. police arrested the driver on suspicion of d u i. power is back on tonight. >> expect delays if you are flying out of sfo this weekend, one of the main runways will be shut down at 8:00 tonight and will not reopen until 8:00 a.m. monday morning. but there will also be similar shutdowns over the next two weekends as well. >> investigators trying to figure out if an arsonist is behind three fires that broke out last night. two of them were at a strip mall on sycamore drive and earlier firefighters were called to a tree fire at the antioch high- school >> we're following breaking news @ southern california right now where brush fire is threatening homes as well as the givgetty museum. we do not know how widespread the fire is, but this blaze started around 4:00 p.m. east of
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interstate 405. it is hot and windy in the area, making the fire difficult to contain. there are several large homes nearby and firefighters are staked out in the neighborhood for protection. the getty museum voluntarily closed as a precaution. no word on how all this got started but it looks like they have a handle on it right now. >> coming up, the perk expires in just a few hours but there is a loophole that will let you shop on amazon after tomorrow and still avoid sales tax. >> the bay area technology from bringing life to careers, the game changer in the current petition for same-day delivery. >> i am paul deanno with your forecast, you just saw that video from hot and dry los,,,,,,
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>> if you have your online shopping cart full, check out before midnight because that is when major online retailers like amazon will start slapping sales tax on california customers. len ramirez explains that there is a way around it if you know where to look. in light in us ... >> exactly right, when most people buy something on amazon they only look at a price in the shipping date but if you look deeper down in the fine print, where the order actually originates from, if it comes from amazon and you will need to pay that tax but if it comes from a third-party vendor, a preferred vendor on the amazon site, that is where you can save a little money on that tax because oftentimes those vendors are from out of state, only 40 percent of the sales in amazon are with those third-party vendors of the majority of sales are going to be taxed and that
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is making a lot of retailers on the street and others across america, very happy. at this bookstore in san jose, they still do things the old- fashioned way. it is that kind of customer service that helps them out last the competition and survive the impact of the amazon tax exemption in california. >> we have to collect sales tax and they don't. >> advantage is about to come to an end, to pressure from lawmakers, the retail giant will begin charging a sales tax just like bricks and mortar stores, starting tomorrow. the reason is that amazon, a seattle company, does have a physical presence in california, it is where the kindle was developed in cupertino. >> i am happy that the plainfield has been leveled for local merchants and i am happy that the state will have funds to repair the roads that the ups trucks drive on. >> amazon customers are not
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happy. >> the reason we buy stuff on amazon is because there's no tax or anything. but they put a tax we might as well by at the bricks and mortar store. >> it is expected to boost the california budget by $158 million in the first year alone. >> when you lose sales tax revenue that means it affects your loans, the resources for local government, the resources for education. >> there is a legal loophole that could keep bargain hunters happy, amazon does not plan to collect taxes on third-party vendors. they're often small stores that sell and ship under the amazon name from out of state. >> if you have no presence in the state than it is very hard to collect taxes from you and so those entities that are not in the state have the option of not paying taxes but remember that your suppose to voluntarily pay those taxes yourself and there is a risk that someone may not
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on your door and ask you to pay. >> buyer beware, california will be ready, in fact the state board of equalization has hired 35 new auditors to make sure that people are not avoiding the taxes they should be paying and making sure that people are paying the tax and letting the others off the hook. >> they're serious about this. >> it will generate a lot of money, a lot people say that the ups trucks use the roads, but amazon is not paying the tax that helps keeps those trucks moving. >> it is important for our fiscal situation here in california. >> thankyou. >> speaking of money, apple stock rose by more than 1 percent today which you expect after the new iphone 5 sold out within hours of his released, customers that free ordered the lighter, thinner, and faster from, at midnight, saw the expected delivery time of one week rise to two weeks.
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all of them going for ups, the iphone goes on sale in stores next friday. online buyers are now being put on a waiting list. >> not so good for the competition, samsung is hit with another setback, their request to ban apple products in the netherlands has been denied by a federal judge, the international trade commission ruled that apple does not violate the samsung patent. this is part of an ongoing battle between the two technology companies, three weeks ago a california jury ruled in favor of apple the ordering samsung to pay more than $1 billion for stealing apple designs. >> it failed during the .com era but now door-to-door delivery services are making a big comeback. don ford explains why a once failed business model could work this time around. >> the growth of technology companies giving new life to an old .com era idea, delivery services. this time is different than the famous grocery delivery service that went bust after burning for millions of investors dollars. now after 10 years some
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technology companies believe that they can get it right because they will be relying on smart phones, almost all of which come equipped with location awareness technology. this is the founder of tasked rapid and says the advanced gps is a game changer. >> five years ago the technology did not exist to do what we're doing today. >> no fleet of trucks to support, only iphone application connecting people who want something to other people that will get it from your favorite store. >> because of location based awareness and social networking, we are able to actually connect people in real time in your neighborhood instantly. >> once boasted, the request is displayed and whoever is closest can take that job. of course there's competition, there's another software company with an application called " get it now ". the company director said that they do it faster. >> you can purchase in house items from any store or
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restaurant in the city delivered in under an hour. >> these bicycle messengers around tampa can see the job and try to get it before others snatch it up. it is a competitive market that amazon and e-bay are pushing to get in on the same day delivery business. in san fransisco, don ford, cbs 5. >> talk about ice cream, are you one of those desert before meal guys? >> i would have i screw right now if you had it. >> ok, skipped dinner, we are just born right to the desert. let's take a look outside, 80s, 90s, once again let's take a peek at those ties that we get today, antioch 94, a walnut creek topping out at 89, milpitas, campbell, upper seventies. only 68 degrees. it was the triple digits in southern california, a whole lot
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of sunshine there, 101 in many locations. 107 and the san fernando valley. you could head to the beach, that is relaxing on the beach. a lot of people headed to the beach because of that high heat, the same dome of high pressure that impacted them also is impacting us. it really depends on which side of the high you are on. southern california is on the southern edge of the high and they're getting an east wind, the offshore winds that gets them hot this time of year. we are under the influence of the same dome of high pressure but we're getting the northern side, the onshore flow. yes it is still miles outside but not the triple digit heat that we have had with the past couple of days in southern california. high-pressure on the northern side with a continued offshore flow meaning the fog will be back in the coast and the day. we can sunshine, a cooling trend continues next week. 94 the high tomorrow in
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livermore. inland spots above normal by five degrees but look at san fransisco, nine degrees cooler than normal, san jose 2 degrees cooler than average with a high of 80. 654 pacifica and fairfield 91. vallejo 75 degrees tomorrow. for the weekend, looking great with sunny skies and upper eighties. morning clouds, and next week a little bit cooler as the onshore flow gets stronger. what a difference the different side of the state makes. triple digits on one side and for us, just about perfect. >> thank you. >> from pie to pain, how a
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>> heartbreak for a young athlete when she returned home from the paralympics in london. her new jersey house was completely ransacked. cheryl and her mother told police that she came home to a mess, rooms were torn apart, about $30,000 worth of jewelry and money was stolen. but the price tag was not her biggest concern. >> it was things that i could pass down to my children, and they could have. and, now they're gone. and i don't know if i will get them back, and i cannot replace them. i would really like them returned. >> she and her mother think that
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an acquaintance maybe the one who did this. the 29 year-old is a three-time track and field competitor. >> police ramping up security at sunday night's 49ers home opener against the detroit lions, undercover officers dressed in 49ers and detroit colors will be at the game, this will allow them to stay on top of the crowd and stay alert for any criminal activities. officers will also be on a lookout for ticket scalping. >> the playoffs are online for the oakland a's tonight and there is a push to remind fans that the franchise may be as well. this wraps up a week-long campaign by a group called " save oakland sports ". the goal is to sell out the coliseum for the big game against the baltimore orioles. that is about as good as it gets in the american league right now. the sellout busch wraps up five days of efforts to keep these
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teams in oakland. >> coming up, in the next half- hour, the growing anti-american protests fuelled by a movie trailer. >> , violent demonstrations are spreading beyond the middle east and the presidential tribute to the fallen ambassador from the bay area. >> they are often used to ease muscle pain but how those products can actually send you to the hospital. >> first it was prince harry and now, revealing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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>> >> >> protest over an american made phil markoff marking is warm continue to sweep across the muslim world. seven protesters have been killed in the demonstrations that have spread across a dozen countries. the pentagon is sending extra forces to shore up security as u.s. embassies across the region. meanwhile the bodies of four american victims of that
6:31 pm
violence returned to andrews air force base this afternoon. their president obama personally delivered his condolences to their families. here's more from washington. >> as anti-u.s. protests continue throughout the middle east, the bodies of americans killed in libya, including the ambassador, arrived back home. >> for americans, for patriots, they love this country. and they chose to serve it. and i served it well. >> u.s. embassies and diplomatic posts throughout the region were on heightened alert friday, the muslim holy day, amid continued protest in the region and in the wake of the killings of ambassador christopher stevens and three others in an attack on the u.s. consulate tuesday. a battle between police and protesters continued for a fourth day in cairo. and in tunisia clouds of black smoke were seen as protesters stormed the gate of the u.s.
6:32 pm
embassy. friday's demonstrations were not confined to the middle east, this was the scene outside of the american embassy in london. the protest seemed, at least in part, in response to an internet movie trailer produced in the united states that anchored muslims for an unflattering portrayal of the muslim leader mohammed. much like the arabs spring, word of the video has spread across the region rapidly for social media. youtube blocks of bdo in egypt and libya where those attacks took place tuesday. the scope of which stunned the u.s. diplomatic community. an official said friday that arrest had been made in connection to those killing. >> a protests began on tuesday against the film, and tonight the southern california moviemaker behind it is still hold up in his home, but the probation department says that
6:33 pm
he may soon have no trust but to come out. david lopez explains why. >> he is always partying on the weekend, lots of traffic on the weekends. >> she described his home in her neighborhood, the home where a man is said to be inside and refusing to come out. the door knob on the front door has been removed, the mailman delivered again, yesterday's mail still inside the box. no one has even peeked out the front door. >> please do not disturb. nothing. >> 30 mi. away, at the office for media for christ, no one answered the door either. this is the company that did all the legwork so that he could get the necessary permits to shoot his movie. the president for media for christ, he has not been seen. just like the director although numerous sources say that he is hiding inside of his house. this federal court document may
6:34 pm
be one way to get him out of his house. it is called a judgment in probation commitment order, june of 2010. he served 21 months in federal prison for bank fraud and these are some of the terms of his probation. it clearly orders the defendant should not possess or use a device with access to any online service in any location without the prior approval of a probation officer. he is also subject to having all of his computers check that any time, and this, he must provide all billing records including telephone, cable, internet, satellite, and similar records. according to sources we have learned that the probation department is looking into the possibility that he may have violated the terms of his parole to read did he use the internet in either making the movie or publicizing it? if he did, the next that would be this, he would be taken in front of a federal judge, ask questions, and he could be sent back to federal prison. in the meantime he remains in sight of this home with his
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family, telling the sherrif that a fear for their safety. but so far, according to the sheriffs department, there have been no threats made. >> mixed reviews to thursday's action by the federal reserve. deacon jones has downgraded its rating on the american debt. the credit rating agency cites the fed's plan to buy $40 billion of mortgage funds per month, to nudge the slowing economic recovery. they say that move will hurt the economy more than it helps. but the dow, still likes that move. for the second day in a row stocks closed higher adding another 53 points. and apple, now swamped with orders for the iphone 5, has hit its highest stock price of all time. >> the british royal family is not letting another scandal tarnish their image. just weeks after naked photographs of prince harry were
6:36 pm
published, topless photographs of kate middleton, have surfaced. tina krause is here with more on what the royal family is doing about this. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge say that they will sue over topless photographs of cape snapped on a private vacation. palace officials confirm that they're taking legal action against a french celebrity gossip magazine. they published a five page spread on the couple well they were vacationing in the south of france. >> the french courts would condemn them for invasion of private life. >> no major british publication carry the photographs. the editor of the magazine and defense publishing them. >> kate and william were visible from the street. >> the magazine claims to have more intimate shots that it will not publish. palace officials called publication " totally unjustifiable ". and reminiscent of the way the
6:37 pm
papparrazzi counted the mother of prince william, princess diana. >> it is diana all over again. >> the invasion of privacy may have been harassed the magazine was willing to take. >> damages are low in this situation, perhaps 15,000 euros, in extraordinary cases. >> sales may be more than enough to make up for what the magazine would have to pay. william and kate say that they are saddened and furious over the photographs but it will have to keep a stiff upper lip for several more days as they finish up their official tour of the far east and south pacific. >> a vision of hope, how transplants could restore sight to the blind. >> how bart plans to spend $1 million to fight the problem,,,,
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>> is it possible to cure blindness? some researchers and scholars say that it is possible and believe the answer lies in stem cells, several patients have had damaged and scarred parts of their corn yet removed, and replace with tissue grown from stem cells. the stem cells appear to halt and repair damage to the eye. >> the do exactly what they do in life, they reproduce themselves, and produce more mature cells. so they grow out over the surface. >> it would be a major step forward. >> until now, a full cornea transplant was the only treatment available. the stem cell treatment is still experimental. >> if you use products to ease muscle and joint pain, the feds have a warning for you. the fda says that over the
6:41 pm
counter products like icy hot and then a day can cause chemical burns. some cases were so severe that people had to go to the hospital. it can happen with just one application. the fda has not banned the products but they say to not apply them to damaged or irritated skin and to not bandaged the area where you have put the product. >> fire chief richard price was at the white house today to present a life saving application he helped invent. it is called " poles point " and alerts users trained in cpr when a medical emergency is happening nearby, seven fire departments are already using this and dozens more are about to start. he was one of four presenters at the safety event, it is meant to highlight innovators who advance public safety in creative ways. >> they just don't keep the birds away. so tonight the $1 million plan
6:42 pm
to combat pigeon droppings. >> in the weather, and the bay area, a beautiful day outside with sunshine and temperatures in the '70s, radar is clear, will it stay clear for the weekend? and what about those temperatures? how far will they drop? tour weekend forecast coming up >> a weekend of football, can the giants clinched the national league west? and there back from the road, it is a big one for the playoff contending oakland,,
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>> it may be one of the more unsavory things about writing on bart, bad enough that the transit agency is preparing to for $1 million at the problem. don ford is here on the declaration of war on pigeon droppings. >> pigeons are everywhere and they loved bart. >> they thrive when they have shelter, food, and water. they seem to find that part is giving them those things.
6:46 pm
>> not intentionally and not much longer, they're spending $1 million to keep them out of the stations, by installing sheet metal pieces in strategic locations so that they have no place to land. >> everything that comes with pigeons is unpleasant. >> pigeon droppings, pigeon feathers, public health is a concern also. outside of the station they wait, watching for someone to drop something and it does not take long. a scene that would make alfred hitchcock proud, however riders are not amused. >> they make a mess and i want them gone. >> here's where the pigeons are, here's where the urine is. >> they are in the family of the doves but some people feel that they're nothing more than flying rats. over the years bart has tried next but they fall apart and are high maintenance. they have installed sharp wires with limited effect. to combat the problem part even
6:47 pm
once played the sounds of hawks, but the problem, they say, is that it also annoyed passengers. they don't do that anymore. some people say the money might not too much either. >> to spend $1 million to keep pigeons from flying around the station? we live in san fransisco, there are a lot pigeon's. >> another milestone for the first california sea otter to survive and oil soaking. all of the oil daughter is now the proud parent of a to a healthy pop, she was rescued three years ago near santa cruz, her dense coat was coated in oil, she was clean and outfitted with a tracking device, scientists discovered that she was pregnant when she was brought in for a check out this summer. >> around here we of blue
6:48 pm
skies, in less or close to a bart station. a.p outdoors, blue skies continuing, inland locations in the low ninety's once again. a gorgeous weekend for you, if you degrees cooler but for some people that is more in the comfort zone. and the bay bridge, we're looking at mainly sunny skies, off to the north you will see higher in thin clouds but it will not impact the weather too much. lower 60s in san fransisco, san jose 70, santa rosa 72, concord and livermore currently in the low '80s. radar is clear and dry for this upcoming weekend, one of the many events going on in the bay area is the opera in the ballpark. saturday evening, chile and breezy but it will be mainly clear with temperatures around 59 or 60 degrees. a lot of cloud cover offshore but it stays there because we have ignored in pressure gradients right now which is keeping the clouds a few miles offshore but giving the coast some clear skies this afternoon,
6:49 pm
i expect more on saturday and sunday. southern california, baking triple digits with an offshore wind, we are on the other side of things, and onshore flow keeping us in that comfort zone for most of us, not too hot or cold, temperatures in the '70s near the bay and 80s in mind. a very nice weekend, highs temperatures tomorrow. cupertino 80, los altos 79, redwood city 78. fremont 78 and hayward 75 degrees, walnut creek 86 and pittsburgh 85, a beautiful day in san ramon, sunshine tomorrow and 86 degrees. the mid to upper seventies. mid-70s for san rafael, and on the peninsula it will be chilly, daly city only 60. 64 in downtown san fransisco, extended forecast, operators would sunshine this weekend, low seventies your the
6:50 pm
bay, if you like that weather, mostly sunny skies, next week a little bit cooler, in the low to mid '70's inland, brown 70 near the bay and 60 with an increase of clouds and towards the middle of next week but no rainfall for the next seven days. weather can sometimes be interesting and dangerous especially if you're covering a hurricane. but rarely does it get as scary as this. >> can you see that right there? there's a giant spider i'm not kidding, can you see him? zoom in on that thing, let's take a look at him. >> look at that thing! that is not a garden variety spider. that is a big spider. >> would you kill that one? an army of cousins would come out. >> kudos to that weather man, he did the whole forecast, the hero, the anchor came out.
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>> ,,
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again!
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oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> baseball up top, the giants
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doing business in arizona. magic number 12, they could wrap up the division as early as next thursday. 19 games left and you can use the word " the a's, and playoffs " in the same sentence. they were at the coliseum earlier back from 6/1 road trip, a huge crowd expected because of fireworks and a concert next door. the a's have the best record in baseball since early june. they are the wild card kingpin, 118 home runs, second in the majors in era against almost a mirror image orioles team that has pulled off at the twins, here is the epic laswalk-off wind. the orioles have not had a winning season in 15 years. not cinderella story anymore. >> i might have been surprised by it but i think that once you are a part of it, during the course of the season, you are in
6:55 pm
a day to day, certainly, it is not a surprise right now, those guys played well all year. very good in close games, a lot of home runs, very timely, it is not surprising that they are in the position that they are in >> no one expected the a's were the orioles to be in the situation. >> i am happy to tell you that brand and mccarthy, who suffered a skull fracture on a line drive, visited the a's clubhouse today. that lifted the spirits of the entire club, those highlights coming up on a late show. the 49 square off against alliance in front of a national audience on the night. the giant spotlight on them after a win at the packers last week. the only thing that went wrong for the 49ers last sunday was born in davis, the touchdown celebration. davis rejected by the cross bar when he went up to dunk it. football fans laughed about it,
6:56 pm
and it did not end on the team plane. >> yes, they showed it on espn, after they showed it, i heard the whole team laughing. i turned around and said " i tweets my foot at the end of training camp ". >> i planted on it wrong and the pain came back suddenly. and then when i went to go jump, i felt the pain, and it distracted me from getting the ball over. >> making excuses. the 49ers are favored by 4 points 5, are the raiders during to get even sunday morning at the dolphins? you will see if they earned his first victory right here on cbs 5 at 10:00 a.m., check with me for locker room action after the game on the fifth quarter. special teams 22/14 loss to the chargers and we won, his
6:57 pm
replacement travis had to bad snaps and a punt under his watch. the raiders lost by eight points. >> is this the most attention you have ever seen to a loans that position? >> this is the most attention i want to see paid to the position. yes. but, you know, that is part of the national football league. injuries happen and we need to be prepared for anything. so we will learn from this lesson and move on. >> the raiders are a slight favorite. >> they brought in five guys to have a snap off and one by one and the sign him. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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